• Beyond the trees

    Beyond the trees

    Bon Bon is first and foremost a place.

    A house of character chosen and meticulously decorated by chef Christophe Hardiquest and his wife in order to impart outstanding hospitality and their passion for sharing.

  • A unique energy

    A unique energy

    A place in which chef Christophe Hardiquest, with the delightful complicity of his team, acts as a conductor playing in plain sight of all. The kitchen opens onto the dining room, offering a discreet and unique ballet, a converging of synergies between creation and tasting.

    And in the garden, an outdoor dining area where glasses chime and the air is rich with the scent of aromatic plants in the summer air.



    The BON BON ORIGINS project came about through a basic realization: the globalization of international gastronomy is accelerating.


    My concern that I might one day see the same products, the same meals served in all Michelin-starred restaurants worldwide was the stimulus for me to counter this development in my way.


    I felt that it was important that we go back to fundamentals, to our roots, to our history, to our local and regional produce and that we fight to preserve this wonderful heritage for future generations.


    After 2 years of historical research and culinary experiments, I started to reinterpret a number of original and traditional recipes. Although still Belgian cuisine, using our own products, my recipes review them in a new and contemporary light.

    Many of these new recipes already feature on the restaurant’s menu.

  • A sensory dialogue

    A sensory dialogue

    Between chef Chistophe Hardiquest and the artist Jean-François D’Or, subtle meeting orchestrated by Caroline Notté.


    Les racines du goût
    (The roots of taste)

    A tribute to tradition and the transmission of knowledge, a large root pierces the wall of the entrance. These roots of taste tap into the most profound gustatory memories.

    Le voyage des papilles
    (Journey of the taste buds)

    The taste buds are the fruit of this tree, and they meander through space, participating in the sensory experience and delicate journey imagined by the chef.


    More information on the works of artist Jean-François D'OR