• Christophe Hardiquest


    Christophe Hardiquest


    « I dream up my recipes by bringing ideas together and drawing on the vicissitudes of life, playing with all the permutations and turning them upside down…  » 
    - Christophe Hardiquest


    His work in the kitchen is one of daily improvisation, unbeholden to rules or boundaries.

    His creativity is free of all constrains. His inspiration is spontaneous.

    The fleeting nature of a moment, the surprise of an unexpected product, the association of flavours and the freshness of produce all impact his work.

    He doesn’t intellectualise cooking, he just does it. Each dish is simply to be savoured and shared, without bringing to mind the technique behind it.

    His cooking reflects his nature. It evolves, explores, transcends, but always with the same driving force: each ingredient is chosen and prepared with the utmost care in order to attain dizzying heights of flavour and sensation.

  • Benoît Brochard

    Restaurant Manager

    Benoît Brochard

    Restaurant Manager

    «An iron hand in a velvet glove».

    This expression well known to all, is applied on a daily basis by Benoît.

    After spending 2 and half successful years at Pierre Gagnaire in Paris, Benoit joined us beginning 2018. 

    His purpose is clear: steadfastness and accuracy are the pillars of his contemporary work.

    Benoît strives not only for perfection for himself, but for his entire team.

    That is why he spends time, listens and accompanies the benevolence that is needed.

    A genuine mutual attraction of the passion for the work between Benoît and Christophe Hardiquest, these two are made to get along with each other!

  • Adrien Cunnac & Max Paris


    Adrien Cunnac & Max Paris


    “Talented newcomers need to be given responsibility”

    Naturally, the chef applies this philosophy to his kitchen brigade and lieutenants.

    The higher the mountain, the deeper the valley.
    This proverb is to Adrien Cunnac what his Alsatian heritage is to his intuitive understanding of cooking. Adrien has naturally good taste. With his subtle balance of tenacity and extreme sensitivity, he has worked alongside chef Christophe Hardiquest for several years. 

    In a kitchen brigade that consistently requires stability, strength and reliability, Max Paris is the ideal hands-on man. Fearless, discreet and perfectionist, he simply takes care of business. 

  • Antoine Lehebel

    Head Sommelier

    Antoine Lehebel

    Head Sommelier

    That the divine bottle is Antoine Lehebel's vocation is a redundant statement.
    For him, wine and the pleasure of sharing it are inextricably linked.
    He takes diners on extraordinary journeys, offering a dazzling array of libations:  breathtaking vintage wines, organic wines, innovative beers…

    He has won numerous national and international awards for “best sommelier”, but his greatest reward comes on a daily basis: the faithful, warm relationships he enjoys with the winegrowers.

  • Stéphanie Hardiquest

    General Manager

    Stéphanie Hardiquest

    General Manager

    Any chef’s wife will tell you (albeit with varying degrees of openness): when you marry a chef, you marry not only a man, but a restaurant as well.

    And Stéphanie, as befits her character, did much more than just marry her chef.

    Bon Bon’s distinctive style is her doing. Its atmosphere – that’s her as well. The perfect counterpart to her alter ego in the kitchen, she manages the restaurant. Day after day, she challenges, thinks, adapts, supports, anticipates, moves things forward, and of course, motivates the chef and his team to constantly give their best and surpass themselves. 

  • Our Team

    Dining room & kitchen

    Our Team

    Dining room & kitchen

    URBAIN Bondja
    MOHAMMED Haskouri
    BERTRAND Ndayishinguje
    SEBATH Capela
    BASILE Dewulf
    VINCENT Monnier
    HUBERT Lecut
    ANDREAS Block
    VIRGINIE Meyers
    ZOLTAN Carrat
    JOHAN Verhulst
    THIBAULT Marie
    HUGO Traineau
    CHRISTOPHER Douville
    ARNAUD Beauprez
    BERNARD Van Cuyck